I was tasked with developing a user interface for a mobile to-do list app. The objective was to create an app that would encourage user productivity and organization through simplicity and a cheerful, refreshing interface.

Objective and Considerations
There are many task management apps available, ranging from simple jot-taking ones to robust, enterprise platforms on which you can run an entire business consisting of multiple teams and projects.

I opted to strike a middle ground. Domino’s clean and visually compelling design remains minimal to keep it as clean and user-friendly as possible. Tags, calendar, and scheduled reminders will help the users get things done and stay on track of what else needs to be done.  (Don’t forget to pick up bread on the way home!)

The whole concept centers around the goal that it’s okay if you forget an occasional task here or there -we all do it! - because Domino will track and remind you just in time. 
Deliverables: Site map, wireframes, user interface design, UI icons
Site Map
Visual Design
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